Elodie Destruel : « Let’s talk business ! »

Directrice fondatrice de World Academy, et experte dans la formation en anglais business depuis 2005, Elodie Destruel nous livre quelques astuces de vocabulaire quand on souhaite maîtriser l’anglais façon « Wall Street ». Une chronique tout en anglais, évidemment.

Whether you like it or not, English remains the global language of business. If you really mean business, you’ll have to master English, business English. Every week, I will teach you a few tips to be more fluent in the language of global business.

Today, I’d like to start with getting you familiar with a couple of business idioms that you need to know as they are often used in business conversations.
We will go through 5 business idioms useful for your next business meetings in English.

Here we go !

A ball park figure
It refers to a vague number, a rough estimate. During a sales meeting, you could ask for a « ball park figure » to know the approximate cost of a machine for example.
You : « could you please give me a ballpark figure ? »
The seller : « well, to give you a ballpark figure for the cost of this machine, I’d say about 50,000 euros »

Get down to business
This phrase is used to stop making chit chat (small talk) and start talking about serious business topics.
You : « Now let’s get down to business, we have a lot of items to cover on our agenda today ! »

No brainer
It means something is really obvious.
You : « being CSR conscious today is a no brainer for organisations ! »

Long shot
It means something isn’t likely to happen or has a very low probability of happening.
You : « No doubt, this new contract would reinforce our market presence but to be honest, it is a long shot »

Touch base
I like this expression. There are many sports idioms in the business world. This idiom is, as you would have guessed, linked to baseball and means making contact with someone.
You : « I just wanted to touch base with you.... »

As you can see, there are many colourful idiomatic phrases to express yourself and make a point in a more fluent way. In order to remember those new words, I highly advise you to read them out loud to familiarise yourself with the pronunciation and then introduce them in your next meetings. The more you will use them, the easier they’ll be part of your everyday vocabularly and before you know it you’ll master these new business words !

I hope you enjoyed reading my column ! Let me know if there are specific topics you’d like to read in the future !

Elodie Destruel

  • > Elodie Destruel est directrice fondatrice de World Academy
    Expertise dans la formation en anglais business depuis 2005
    OF certifié Qualiopi
    MBA Management & RH, Sydney, Australie
    Master en Finance, Newcastle, Australie

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