Elodie Destruel : « Let’s talk business ! », episode 4

Dernière chronique de la saison pour Elodie Destruel. Directrice fondatrice de World Academy, et experte dans la formation en anglais business depuis 2005, elle nous livre quelques astuces de vocabulaire quand on souhaite maîtriser l’anglais façon « Wall Street ». Voici son quatrième opus, en anglais, obviously

Whether you like it or not, English remains the global language of business. If you really mean business, you’ll have to master English, business English. In this column, I will teach you a few tips to be more fluent in the language of global business.
Today, I’d like to start with getting you familiar with another couple of business idioms that you need to know as they are often used in business conversations. We will go through 5 new business idioms useful for your next business meetings in English.

Here we go !

See eye to eye
It means you agree with somebody and share the same opinion or view.
You : "Last conf call didn’t go so well. Our supplier didn’t see eye to eye with us
about our new price terms. " 

Upper hand
This phrase is used when you have more power than anyone else and have more control in a particular situation.
You : "As he intends to have an upper hand in the business, he will do whatever it takes to buy all the stocks that he can find in the market.”

Not going to fly
It refers to something that isn’t expected to succeed or work out.
You : "We need to brainstorm harder to find a new brand name before launching our new app. The focus group showed the name we picked isn’t going to fly ! People had a hard time pronunciating it !”

Sever ties
It means one terminates a relationship.
You : "Unfortunately, our sector has been hit hard in this crisis. Our factory will have no choice but to sever ties with many suppliers until business picks up again.”

To twist someone’s arm
It refers to convincing someone to do something he does not particularly want to do.
You : "Initially, our CEO was reluctant to the idea of expanding in emerging markets in such uncertain times. I had to twist his arm by showing him the opportunity loss by not entering those markets now !”

As you can see, there are so many idiomatic phrases to express yourself and make a point in a more fluent way. In order to memorize those new words, I highly advise you to read them out loud to familiarize yourself with the pronunciation and then try and use them in your next meetings. The more you will use them, the sooner they’ll become part of your daily vocabulary and before you know it, you’ll master these new business words !
I hope you enjoyed reading my column ! Let me know if there are any specific topics you’d like to read in the future. Enjoy your summer !

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